Back In Balance Massage Therapy
Rashelle Bytendorp

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist with a wealth of experience. In 2015 I opened my own private massage practice. I am an expert in helping people recover from pain, stress and to deeply relax. So whether you are looking for pain management or a pampering session give me a call and book today.
Rashelle was drawn to the practice of Massage Therapy after 10 years of working as a representative for an Automobile Insurance Company. Her personal experiences with the pains of whiplash and also sitting for long hours hunched over at a desk; compelled her to search for pain relief. 

After discovering the powerful effects and transformation inside herself, she felt a desire to pass on the gift of massage to others. She aspires to have a positive impact on the well being of others and facilitate healing through self awareness. She combines her extensive training from Healing Mountain Massage School with her passion for total healing on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Rashelle offers a balanced blend of therapeutic and relaxation techniques for every body type and every need. She specializes in treating neck and shoulder pain, lower back, sciatica, headaches, tmj dysfunction, and stress through various modalities.

Rashelle is certified to offer Swedish, Hot Stone Massage, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Sports Massage, Medical Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Thai Yoga, Reflexology and many spa treatments.