Back In Balance Massage Therapy
Rashelle Bytendorp

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist with a wealth of experience. In 2015 I opened my own private massage practice. I am an expert in helping people recover from pain, stress and to deeply relax. So whether you are looking for pain management or a pampering session give me a call and book today.
Services and Pricing
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    60/90/120 Minute Swedish Massage
    This session will help you relax and unwind as we use soothing strokes to allow tension to drift away.
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    60/90/120 Minute Deep Tissue Massage
    A firm yet gentle technique that targets deeper tissues to focus on tight knotted areas caused by active lifestyles, injuries and poor postural habits.
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    90 Min Heated River Rock Back Treatment
    Enjoy a customized massage that begins with heated river rocks that fit the contours of your back. Sustained pressure and deep radiating heat help the tightness in deep muscles melt away, allowing practitioner to release and relax muscles more effectively.
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    90 Minute Hot Stone Massage
    This specialty massage incorporates smooth heated dark basalt stones into our relaxing swedish massage session. Combining deep heat and massage, relaxes stubbornly tight muscles and breaks up knots to relax pain, numbness and stiffness

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